How to Change an Electronic Cigarette’s Atomiser

How to Change an Electronic Cigarette’s Atomiser


Electronic cigarettes are made of a cartridge which holds the liquid and is inserted into the electronic cigarette which then makes contact with the atomizer’s bridge. The atomiser then feeds the liquid into the e-cig’s reservoir in order for it to be absorbed by the wick; therefore heating the liquid for it to become vapour. This means that after a while, the atomiser will get burnt out and your e-liquid won’t taste the same; you may even feel a burning sensation in your throat. That is why it is important to change the atomiser on a fairly regular basis.


Here is how to change your atomiser:


  1. Empty the subtank of any remaining liquid by removing the tank from the electronic cigarette, turning it upside down and turning the base anti-clockwise. At this point it may also be a good idea to rinse your hands under the tap to avoid getting e-liquid on them.
  2. Take the atomiser head and base sections and twist apart in an anti-clockwise direction; remember not to hold the tank while unscrewing the base as you may damage it.
  3. Replace the atomiser following the manufacturer’s instructions and reassemble the subtank.


How often you need to change these parts depends on the vaping juice being used and the style of vaping. However, it is important to check for any leaks as that may mean the O-ring inside the atomiser is placed upside down, a slight gap in the metal and that your chimney is not bent.

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