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British American Tobacco boosted by Brexit

British American Tobacco posted higher earnings in early trading this morning beating estimated figures to report actual earnings per share of 1.344 with revenue rising to 7.7 billion, an increase of 16%. The tobacco giant, maker of iconic brands including Dunhill, Lucky Strike and Pall Mall was helped by weakness in sterling following on from Brexit.


#1 NJ RETAILER on 10.08.17 at 10:59 PM

Never a surprise.
Just will be interesting to see management style in the field.

#2 Pip on 02.13.19 at 8:19 AM

BAT is doing go for its operation profit margin as well as its net profit margin, especially when in 2017, they had a huge amout of refund from new tax policies. Basically they are going better than Imp. Brands, although their total revenue is not as big. I am working on these two for my EMBA Finanial Reporting assignment. Quite interesting, tobaco industry, as an Oligopoly industry, with people caring more about their health, is still growing stably every year.

#3 Pip on 02.13.19 at 8:19 AM


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